Thursday, October 12, 2006

Would you like to be a Library Goddess and contribute your thoughts about books, tech, materials, apps, programming, and library activities?

*You have a strong in interest in Libraries
*You must select a Goddess Name* and Picture

If you meet the requirements, please email your information (your goddess name* and picture) and what you would like to review and areas to which you would like to contribute. Please email this to librarygoddesshere AT gmail DOT com with the subject heading Library Goddesses.

Our current sections include: Board Books, Picture Books, Fiction for Kids, Fiction for Adults, Teens, Nonfiction for Kids, Nonfiction for Adults, Program Ideas, Tech Rat, Apps, and Apps for Kids.

(Gentlemen...don't worry...we welcome mythological, magical, or mystical members as well. Join us and contribute your musings and share your knowledge.)

Once we receive your information, we'll add you to the site and forward you all the info you need..

Contribute what you can and when you can...

Thank you for your interest and Welcome Aboard!


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  2. currently we are looking for Librarians, of any specialty, to share about children's and YA books, materials, and programs...due to the tremendous response we have received we will be expanding to provide librarians other forums to share their knowledge and experience which will include adult literature & programs, management & leadership issues, grants, technology, etc. in the coming weeks...please email any comments, suggestions, offers of assistance, etc. you have to wizardhere AT gmail DOT com with the subject heading Library Goddesses...

  3. Are we given specific books to review? Or do we select our own books to review? Are there any guidelines regarding publication date of the book or does date matter? Thanks!

  4. Select your own books and materials to review...publication date does not matter...